Role of Officer for Officials

Officer for Officials

The primary role of the Officer for Officials is to organise parent helpers for the safe and efficient conduct of Centre competitions.   Specific duties include:

  1. Identify a list of required roles and recruit parent helpers to fill them using the Centre’s “SignUp” system or otherwise.
  2. Recruit ‘permanent’ Age Managers.
  3. Asist Age Managers & parent helpers in the performance of their duties.
  4. Distribute to Age Managers a folder each competition day which includes their group’s program for the day and recording sheets for their field events.  (Folders made available by &  contents prepared by the Recorder.)
  5. Organise (as necessary) parent helpers for Zone, Region and State championships.
  6. Promote increased capability to officiate at our club athletics events by encouraging parent helpers to gain qualifications (eg. Online) under the Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme.
  7. Prepare a report for the Annual General Meeting of the Centre.

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