How to Join

Follow These Steps to Join our Club:

1) Familiarise yourself with the following pre-requisites for registering your child at St George Little Athletics, viz:

(i) You agree to remain at Olds Park for the duration of your child’s participation at each Competition evening; and

(ii) You agree to participate in the supervision and officiating of events, or to serve in the canteen, or by undertaking another identified duty, at least every second week.

2) If you can utilise an Active Kids voucher and you haven’t already applied for one, do so now, and have the voucher number handy.  Note that from 1 July 2019, parents can apply for a 2nd $100 Active Kids voucher (which must be used in the period July – December) for each school-enrolled child.  For more info: Active Kids Info

3) If you will be registering a child in the u12 to u17 Age Group(s), choose a “senior athletics” club.  Children in this age range will be automatically “dual registered” – meaning they join both Little Athletics NSW & Athletics NSW.  [This enables those children to participate in the events of both organisations, creating a more seamless transition to senior athletics.]  So, for these children, you will be asked to nominate an “Athletics NSW” (or “senior athletics”) club.  We recommend “St George District Athletic Club”, but this is entirely your choice.

4) After 1st August 2019, access the LANSW On-line Registration System and complete the online registration process including payment.  St George Little Athletics registrations fees are set out here: FAQ on Fees.  The registration process will invite you to provide an Active Kids voucher number which will reduce your registration fees. During the  on-line Registration process you will be able to purchase a uniform (see Uniforms for how to buy, items, prices and a size chart) and book attendance at a (optional) Coaching Clinic through our online store.

5) Visit Olds Park on one of our Orientation Days to:

  1. Collect Uniform items (if you ordered any);
  2. Collect your Registration Pack;
  3. Signup to a Parent Helper Roster;
  4. Attend a Parent Officiating Workshop.  This is very important as it will provide you with the knowledge to assist at your children’s events.  For more information, see:  Upcoming Events and Parent Helpers.

Note:  You must complete your online registration by Thursday in order to collect your Registration Pack on the following Orientation Day / Friday.

Orientation Days are:

Friday 6th September, between 5 and 7pm;
Friday 13th September, between 5 and 7pm;

Bring with you:

(i) Online Invoice/payment receipt(s);

(ii) Your filled in Working with Children Declaration (downloaded during on-line registration) and

(iii) For newly registering children – a document to prove the child’s age eg. a birth certificate, current Passport or hospital blue book.  A clear photograph of the identity document on your phone will suffice.

6) Download our “Team App” [you may already have it for another sport] from your phone’s App Store, sign up, log in and search for “St George LAC”.  Choose the access group “Parents”.  When signing up for Team App, register in your name, not your child’s!  This will be our primary channel for communicating with you about Events, News, Newsletters and so on.  You’ll also find the Club Handbook and other useful documents in Team App.  The following explains how to download and setup Team App on your smartphone or tablet:  Team App Brochure.

Note:  You will also be able to collect uniforms and Registration Packs between 5:00pm and 5:30pm on Friday 20th September and between 5:30pm and 6:00pm on other Fridays (all subject to our competition operating on that day, and you completing your Ordering / Registering prior to Friday).