Weekly Programs

Week A-B Program Structure

Generally, the list of events which run each week alternates between 2 programs named “Week A” and “Week B”.   The makeup of these programs (which is subject to change from time to time) is detailed in the following:

This page – Events in Weeks A, B – Prog v14 – summarises the Events done by each Age Group in each of week A and B (but does not define the ordering of events).

Should a ‘meet’ (say, Week A Program) be cancelled (eg. due to rain), our usual practice is to run that Program (week A in this case) at the next opportunity, rather than to skip it.

For Tiny Tots

Tiny Tots (Under 5 Age Group) also follow a “Week A/B” pattern however most of their activities are conducted in a dedicated area, which includes a 50m track.   The exception is Long Jump, for which they use the main Long Jump facilities.

The Tiny Tots programs are as follows:

Program v14 (Tiny Tots) – Week A

Program v14 (Tiny Tots) – Week B

For Age Groups u6 – u17

The detailed program information for each Week is set out in the 2-page documents below, one for each of Week A and Week B.  For each Week, the first page lists the order in which Age Groups utilise individual Event facilities – this is intended for Parents Helpers (Officials) supervising individual events.   The second page lists, for each Age Group, the sequence of Events they perform.

Program v14 – Week A

Program v14 – Week B

Note also that the programs above provide for most Age Groups to compete independently.  However, we typically find it convenient to combine some groups and the combined group will be advised which program it is to follow.  We only combine groups who are already programmed to do the same set of events in the same week.

For season 2022/23:

  • U8 Boys split into 2 groups but follow broadly the same program order.
  • U9 Boys split into 2 groups but follow broadly the same program order.
  • U13 Boys + Girls combine into a single group and follow the U13 Girls program order.
  • U14-U17 Boys + Girls combine into a single group and follows the SEN G program order.

Note:  It is essential that each group does its scheduled events and only those events.  Results can only be recorded for Events appearing on the Program for that day for the particular Age Group. 


Multi-Event Program

On occasion we may schedule a special “multi-event” program which will be inserted here:


Parent Helper Signup

The Signup roster parents use to ‘signup’ for a duty at a given meet will specify which program is being run.  By consulting the program definitions above, you might be able to make a more convenient choice for your duty.