Weekly Programs

Program Overview

For 2019/20 we operate our program over a 3-week cycle:  Week A, B, C .   The key features and differences each week are as follows:

  • Week A:  Includes 50m, 100m and 400m for all applicable Age Groups;
  • Week B:  Includes 70m, 200m, 1500m and Hurdles for all applicable Age Groups;  We expect to offer 200m/300m Hurdles in Week B from October 18.
  • Week C:  Identical to Week A other than the mix of Age Groups doing Discus vs Shot Put.

In subsequent seasons, when we regain access to our 3 Discus stations, Week C won’t be required and we’ll revert to a 2-week cycle.

Your Personal Program for the Next Meet

Click the “Family Log In” button and logon to ResultsHQ.   There you’ll find individualised information including your results so far for the season.

The standard programs for each of Weeks A, B & C are below   Note that the events are not listed in the order they are to be performed.