Governance & Policies

Organisational Mission

“[We] aspire to provide the community with recreational athletics activities that contribute to the healthy development of our children.  Such activities will promote:

  • Fun
  • Fitness
  • Friendships
  • The development of skills
  • The building of character and self-esteem
  • The fostering of good sportsmanship in a safe, positive, family-friendly and inclusive environment.”

Governance Framework

St George Little Athletics Centre Inc is an incorporated association subject to the NSW Associations Incorporation Act 2009 (‘the Act’).    The Act, which is administered by NSW Fair Trading, requires every association to have a Constitution, which binds both members and the association to comply with its terms.  The Constitution of St George Little Athletics Centre is set out in:  Constitution.  The Constitution has been approved by way of Special Resolution at a General Meeting of members and may only be amended by special resolution at such a meeting.

The Act and the Constitution set out requirements for the establishment of a Committee to manage the Centre.  The Committee is made up of members elected at the Annual General Meeting, and may include members appointed by the Committee to fill vacant positions.   The Committee of St George Little Athletics Centre is listed on the Committee  page.

The Constitution authorises the Committee to formulate By-Laws for the proper advancement, management and administration of the Centre and Little Athletics in the local community as it thinks necessary or desirable (consistent with the Constitution).  The By-Laws are binding on the Centre and all Members.   The By-Laws of St George Little Athletics Centre are set out in:   By-Laws


The Constitution obliges the Centre to affiliate with Little Athletics NSW (LANSW) and to adopt and abide by its framework of rules and policy.

LANSW Policies can be found here:  LANSW Policies

These include (among others):

Child Protection Policy
Smoke Free Policy
Codes of Conduct
Behavioural Guidelines

all of which are binding on the Centre, member athletes and parents and all other persons who participate in any way in Little Athletics.  Note in particular that the following are NOT permitted during any Little Athletics activity:

  • Smoking (including of vapes or e-cigarettes)
  • Consuming alcohol