Parent Helpers

Parent Helper Roles

In Little Athletics, most of the tasks involved in supervising athletics competitions are carried out by parents.

These roles include:

  • Age Managers/Assistants
  • Setup or Packup Duties
  • Canteen or BBQ Cook
  • Athletics Event Supervision

We appoint Age Managers & Assistants for the season and their role is more fully described here:   Age Manager Role

For the remaining roles, we use the “Sign-Up” system to enable parents to choose the role (‘duty’) they’ll fulfil for a given Friday evening competition, and to register that choice well before coming to the ground.  The Sign-Up duty list is usually published several days prior to each Friday Night.   There are typically 20 – 25 duties on the roster requiring 50 or so parents.   For example, there are duties for Starters and Recorders on the Track, and there are duties at each of the Field Stations (Long Jump, High Jump, Discus, etc) for the duration of an evening’s competition (when those facilities are in use).

Some parents like to specialise around a particular duty area (which we encourage), while others prefer to vary their duties from one Friday evening to another.  If you are interested to learn more about officiating in particular events, there are a range of short (45-90 min) on-line courses available.   See the information on the “Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme” at the bottom of the  Parent Helper Resources page.

Families (not fulfilling an Age Manager role) are expected to fill a Parent Helper role once per fortnight as a minimum.   Parents made this commitment when registering for Little Athletics.


Parent Helpers – More Information

There’s much more helpful information for parent helpers on the  Parent Helper Resources page.


Use this button to Sign-up to a parent duty at our next Friday Night Competition. 

[duty list will be available ~4-5 days prior to a Meet]

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