Role of Treasurer


The primary role of the Treasurer is to manage the financial affairs of the Centre.  Specific duties include:

  1. Establish / maintain an account(s) with a suitable Bank or Financial Institution.
  2. Arrange for 3 members of the Executive (usually the President, Secretary, Treasurer) to act as signatories, and any two (not members of the same household) to authorise all centre payments.
  3. Keep a detailed ledger of all moneys received (including Membership fees, clothing and canteen sales) and all purchases & payments transacted for the Centre.
  4. Present to the Committee, from time to time, summaries of receipts and expenses, as well as the bank balance, for ratification by the Committee.
  5. Present to the Committee, as required, accounts received by the Centre since the previous meeting to be approved for payment.
  6. Pay on invoice only, all accounts approved for payment, such payments to be made by bank transfer or cheque only.
  7. Collect all cash amounts owing or paid to the Centre and arrange for banking within 2 business days of receipt and ensure a record is made of the amounts/collected & the source and purpose.
  8. Prepare and maintain financial accounts, and at the completion of the Centre’s financial year, arrange for the accounts to be reviewed by an independent person competent in financial reporting, such review to be provided in writing to the Committee in good time prior to distribution to Members of the Centre and inclusion in the Annual Report.
  9. Present to the Annual General Meeting Financial Statements for the Centre’s financial year.
  10. Prepare a report to the Annual General Meeting of the Centre.

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