Role of Equipment and Grounds Officer

Equipment & Grounds Officer

The primary role of the Equipment & Grounds officer is to ensure the Centre’s equipment & storage facilities are fit for purpose and that the Ground is well prepared for each competition day.  Specific duties include:

  1. Determine the layout of the track and field for all competition held at the Centre.
  2. Recommend the purchase and/ or repair of all equipment.
  3. Ensure all equipment is maintained in safe and good working order.
  4. Conduct a regular stock-take of all Centre equipment and keep an up-to-date inventory and replacement cost estimate (for insurance purposes).
  5. Ensure the field is adequately marked for each running day.
  6. Monitor the condition of the grounds, the surrounds of the long/triple jump pits and shot put and discus areas and arrange for maintenance when necessary.
  7. If required, prepare a report to the Annual General Meeting of the Centre.

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