Ground Records

This page presents the best results recorded by STGLAC athletes at our home ground.  These are what we refer to in the Handbook and elsewhere as “Ground Records“.    The conditions under which a Ground Record may be set are detailed in the “RECORDS” section on page 15 of the Handbook.

Please note that for some track events, two results are presented.  In this case, these represent the best “electronically-timed” and the best “hand-timed” results.  The earlier-dated result will usually be the “hand-timed” result.  These days, all our track results are Electronically Timed.  If a newly set ground record is the best Electronically Timed record, but there is a superior Hand Timed record, we designate the electronic record (on Certificates, in the Annual Report, etc) with the suffix “ET”.  If the newly set Ground Record is the best ever time, there is no suffix.  Once an Electronic Record superior to the prior Hand-Timed record (if any) is established, the Hand-Timed record will cease to be current and will no longer display.

Where the date of a record appears is given as the 1st of Jan in a year, this usually means the actual date is not known.   So, a record date of (say) 01 Jan 1988 means the record was set in the 1987/88 season.