Program Overview

Program Overview

We operate our ‘regular competition’ program over a 2-week cycle:  Weeks A, B.   The key inclusions each week (for u6 to u17) are as follows:

  • Week A:  Includes 100m, 400m and 800m events for all applicable Age Groups;
  • Week B:  Includes 200m, 1500m and Hurdles (up to 110m) for all applicable Age Groups;

50m, 70m, 300m, 500m & 700m events (for applicable Age Groups) are included in the regular cycle.

The 3000m event (u13-u17) and 200m/300m Hurdles (u13-u17) are scheduled occasionally throughout the season.   If these events are scheduled in a given week, we will notify the relevant Age Groups.  Running times may be prior to 6pm, or the last event of the evening.

Field Events are included in each week so that each Age Group performs each of their applicable Field Events once in the 2-week cycle.

The standard Little Athletics Events defined for each Age Group are set out in:  Event by Age Group.

Tiny Tots perform a short run, a longer run, Long Jump and Shot Put in each of weeks A and B.  A game may also be included.  We record attendance for Tiny Tots, but not results.

At this time, “Walk” events are not included in the St George program.

Note:  We may need to revise the Program Schedule to respond to changes in athlete numbers, or the mix of athletes in various age groups, or other factors.

Events per Week

The number of Events undertaken per week increases with Age Group.

4 Events per week – Tiny Tots (a short run, a longer run, Long Jump and Shot Put)
4 Events per week – Under 6 and 7
4-5 Events per week – Under 8
5 Events per week – Under 9 and 10
6 Events per week – Under 11 and above.

Not counted in these numbers are the 3000m event and the 200m/300m Hurdles.  These events are applicable to u13 and above age groups and will be scheduled a number of times throughout the season.

Program for the ‘Next’ Meet

There are a couple of ways to see what’s included at the “next” Meet (usually, our next Friday competition).

If you click on this link –  Next Program –  and then click your Age Group (eg. ‘5’ for Tiny Tots, ‘6’ for U6, etc), you’ll see a list of the Events scheduled for each of the male and female athletes in that Age. [Note:  this does not give the ordering of events.]

The other option is to click the “Family Log In” button and logon to ResultsHQ.   There you’ll find individualised information for the athletes in your family, including results so far for the season.

Week A and B Programs

Generally, the list of events which run each week alternates between 2 programs named “Week A” and “Week B”.   The makeup of these programs is detailed on the following page: Weekly Programs

On occasion, we may operate special programs, such as a “Multi-Event” program in which specific events are undertaken (per Age Group) and scored using the LANSW multi-event scoring system with medals awarded to the highest point scorers.


We provide a coaching program for members throughout the season.   The focus is on basic skills and fitness.  For details see:   Coaching Program

Note that it is not practical to coach individual athletes during the Friday competition program, as this can slow the running of the program unacceptably.