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Tuesday, 30 July 2019
Registrations Open 1st August

Registrations for the 2019/20 season of Little Athletics open on Thursday 1st of August & our first night of competition at St George will be Friday 20th September.

We look forward to seeing as many of you back as possible for what will be a fabulous new season with many big changes.  To sign up for the season, please visit the How to Join page on the website and follow all the steps set out there.

While our competition program commences on 20 September, the prior 2 Fridays – 6 and 13 September – are our Orientation Days.  On these evenings we’ll be providing targeted “how to” coaching for athletes new to athletics, or new to particular events.  In addition, we’ll provide Officiating Workshops for Parents to show you what you’ll need to do as parent helpers.  These are all very important opportunities, so please make every effort to participate.  See our Website here for details.

I mentioned there will be many ‘big changes’ this season, and here is a brief summary:

First – all of our athletic equipment is being replaced – new HJ mats, new Hurdles, all new Throwing equipment.

Second – Council has agreed to re-build and expand all of our Field Event facilities. The Long Jump pits are to be completely re-built and rubber-surfaced runups installed.  The existing Discus and Shot-Put rings will be removed, and 3 new Discus and 3 new Shot-Put rings installed.  This work is starting just now (following a delay in appointment of a Contractor), however we expect it should be completed very close to the start of our season, but if there are any hold-ups, we’ll modify the program for that short period.

The equipment purchases and construction work above are fully funded by the Australian Government under the Community Development Grants Programme.

There will be an adjustment to the Throwing component of the program for the whole of the season.  Separate to the athletics facilities construction work, Council is also undertaking a major project to install irrigation and to fully re-turf the Olds 2 (AFL) playing areas.  This will see us enjoy a superior and better maintained surface (from the 2020/21 season), but in the meantime our Discus facilities (which face this ground) won’t be available to us.  To address this, we will deploy a discus facility at the far end of the Soccer Field and re-balance the throwing program to give more weight (pardon the pun) to Shot Put.

We are very excited to be implementing the largest investment in new Athletics facilities in the St George area in many years.  We will update you further as the season approaches and as our detailed program for season 2019/20 is developed.

Kind Regards

St George Little Athletics Centre

Friday, 28 June 2019
2019/20 Season

Get ready – it’s coming!  Registrations will open on 1st August.

And many things will be new this season.  Our website for one.   It may lack the charm of the old one, but it is soooooo…. much easier to manage!

Tuesday, 25 June 2019
2019 AGM

Our 2019 Annual General Meeting was held on Monday 6th May.
Click here for the Annual Report
Click here for the Draft Meeting Minutes